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2022 Kitchen Trends: Kitchen Islands and Pantries

The use of the kitchen pantry and island continues to evolve. 

Islands are increasingly the center of kitchen layouts thanks to their multiple uses. Over 60 percent of homeowners use kitchen islands to eat meals. 

Similarly, the same amount of homeowners use islands for meal preparation. This allows for more counter space along with greater interaction between the cook and guests as food is prepared. 

The kitchen island has become another place for remote work and learning. Just under 60 percent of homeowners use islands for these purposes. If you’re ready to renovate, find the right contractor at Sweeten to see how a kitchen island can work in your space.

Pantries—more than food storage

Not only are small appliances often stored in pantries, but 67 percent of homeowners use the space to operate those appliances. As a result, this contains any mess and keeps the jumble of cords and power outlets out of sight.  

A similar percentage of kitchens utilize pantries as coffee centers. Like mini cafe counters, coffee appliances, utensils, and ingredients are within easy reach. A smaller number of homeowners use pantries to store cookware, operate microwaves, and for food prep. 



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