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In the heart of Orinda, CA, Rhino Builders has carved a niche as a trusted name in home remodeling and expansion. Our expert ADU specialists are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to craft accessory dwelling units that are both functional and visually appealing, ensuring they cater to your needs while adding significant value to your property for years to come.

Considering an ADU for an elderly family member or thinking of an additional rental space? Rhino Builders is here to transform your vision into reality. Our approach is holistic: we start with an in-depth on-site consultation, understanding your needs, assessing the potential of your space, and then offering tailored solutions that align with your budget.

With Rhino Builders, you’re not just investing in an ADU; you’re ensuring a blend of quality, functionality, and aesthetics that stands the test of time. Reach out to us and let’s begin this transformative journey together.

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ADU Builder Services in Orinda, CA

Rhino Builders: Orinda, CA's Premier ADU Specialists

Considering a property makeover? Rhino Builders, based in Orinda, CA, is your trusted partner in crafting exceptional Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). Let’s explore the diverse ADU solutions we offer to elevate your living space:

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Garage Conversion

Why let your garage just accumulate clutter? With our expertise, we can transform it into a vibrant ADU, be it a cozy guest room, a functional home office, or a chic studio. It’s a smart way to maximize your property’s potential and add a touch of modern living.

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In-Law Unit

Craft a warm and welcoming space for your extended family. Our team handles everything, from design blueprints to the final touches, ensuring your In-Law Suite stands as a testament to quality and durability.

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Basement Conversion

There’s untapped potential right under your feet. Let us help you turn your basement into a stylish ADU, whether it’s a lively entertainment zone or a self-contained living unit. It’s about making every corner of your home count.


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Detached ADU

Yearning for a separate, tranquil space away from the main house? Whether you’re picturing a serene backyard cottage or a modern standalone unit, we’re here to bring that vision to life. Experience the joy of an independent space that offers both privacy and versatility.

At Rhino Builders, we’re not just builders; we’re visionaries. Our suite of ADU services, encompassing Garage Conversions, In-Law Suites, Basement Conversions, and Detached ADUs, is designed to provide tailored solutions that resonate with your lifestyle.

Ready to redefine your property? Contact Rhino Builders and let our seasoned team turn your ADU dreams into reality!

All-In-One ADU Solution in Orinda, CA

Considering an ADU Garage Conversion in Orinda, CA? Look no further than Rhino Builders. We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to your needs:

  1. Engineering:
    Our seasoned engineers lay the foundation for your project, ensuring your ADU is structurally sound and built to the highest safety and quality standards.

  2. Architecture:
    Our talented architects craft designs that are both functional and visually appealing. They work diligently to create ADU spaces that are both efficient and aesthetically pleasing, ensuring you get a space you’ll love.
  3. Construction:
    From the first brick to the final touch, our construction team is unmatched in their dedication to quality. They bring your ADU vision to life with precision and keen attention to detail.
    We recognize that an ADU project is a significant commitment. It’s about more than just adding space; it’s about creating a space that feels like home. That’s why we offer a complete service package, ensuring every aspect of your ADU Garage Conversion in Orinda, CA, is handled with care and expertise.

With Rhino Builders, you get the convenience of working with one dedicated partner, streamlining the process, saving costs, and ensuring a top-notch final product. Reach out to us and let’s start your ADU journey together.


Orinda, CA ADU Garage Conversion Near Me

Are you searching for a dependable ADU builder in Orinda, CA? Your search ends with Rhino Builders. As a local business deeply rooted in the Orinda community, we pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to excellence in ADU garage conversions.

Our seasoned team of experts is passionate about offering premier ADU construction and renovation services throughout Orinda and its neighboring areas. When you choose Rhino Builders, you’re not just getting a contractor; you’re gaining a dedicated partner. We’ll be with you from the initial design and planning stages, all the way to the final touches, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free journey.

Ready to elevate your property’s potential? Reach out to us today. With Rhino Builders, your dream ADU project is just a call away. Let’s bring your vision to life.

Our ADU Conversion Process that Makes Us Stand-Out

What sets Rhino Builders apart in the world of ADU Builder? It’s our distinct, client-focused approach. We’ve streamlined our process to guarantee not only a successful project outcome but also a delightful experience for our clients. Here’s a glimpse into our approach:

  • Getting to Know You: Our journey begins with a comprehensive consultation. We listen intently to understand your vision, needs, and any concerns. This initial step ensures we’re on the same page and sets the foundation for a successful project.
  • Tailored Design & Planning: Our talented architects and designers craft a design that’s uniquely yours. They prioritize functionality, aesthetics, and compliance with local building codes, ensuring your ADU is beautiful and practical.
  • Permitting Made Easy: Navigating the permit maze can be daunting, but not with us by your side. Leveraging our deep knowledge of Orinda’s regulations, we handle all the paperwork, ensuring a smooth and timely approval process.
  • Expert Construction: Our dedicated construction team, known for their meticulous attention to detail, will transform the design into a tangible structure. They uphold the highest quality standards, ensuring your ADU stands the test of time.
  • Quality Checks & Finishing Touches: We’re not done until you’re delighted. Our team conducts a rigorous final review, refining any details as needed. It’s all about ensuring your ADU feels perfect and genuinely like a part of your home.
  • Continued Support: Our relationship doesn’t end once the keys are handed over. We’re here for any post-construction needs, standing behind our work and ensuring your continued satisfaction.

With Rhino Builders, you’re not just getting an ADU; you’re investing in a seamless, enjoyable experience from start to finish.

Discover Rhino Builders: Orinda, CA's Leading ADU Expert

In search of the best ADU contractor in Orinda, CA to shape and construct your ideal space? Your quest ends with Rhino Builders. Renowned for our dedication to excellence, masterful craftsmanship, and unwavering customer focus, we are your go-to partner for all ADU endeavors. Don’t wait any longer. Reach out to us now and let’s transform your dream into reality!



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