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5 Shower Bench Ideas for a Bathroom Remodel

The shower bench: A bathroom detail to add for relaxation and functionality


Need any bathroom remodel ideas? Did you know? This type of renovation is the most popular project in the home. (The kitchen is the most popular.) While choices for tile, layout and storage are usually top-of-mind, adding details like a shower bench can also make a big impact.

For many, shower benches are a nice add-on as they provide both form and function. They can help people with mobility challenges. Provide a special place for relaxation. Add a unique design perspective to the room. Or, all of the above. Here, five shower bench designs from Sweeten renovations show the comfort of taking a seat.

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Eye-catching wraparound shower bench seating

bathroom wet room

One way to make a statement is with a long shower bench that wraps around the area. It gives the space an almost spa-like feel. This Sweeten homeowner took it even a step further. She elevated the design by adding in under-mounted lights. This larger-sized bench allows for extra storage as well. This Sweeten homeowner keeps a handy shower caddy at the ready. But others have been known to use it as a way to add interesting accents, like candles or even plants.

A pulldown shower bench with a purpose

Sometimes you just don’t have enough room to add a built-in shower bench. Don’t worry: you still have options! Smaller spaces can accommodate drop-down shower bench seats. These are great additions if you have mobility challenges (for example, for recent injuries or are elderly). They provide a safe spot to steady yourself or take a rest. This Sweeten renovation combined two crowded bathrooms to create a larger, more accessible one for a father’s limited mobility. Now, his wheelchair and walker can fit and move with ease. The shower needed to be safe and comfortable with a shower bench and grab bar. Mission accomplished!

A luxuriously long bench

walk-in shower with bench and marble tiles on walls and recessed shelves and glass door after renovation

If you do have the space, consider putting in a long shower bench—one that runs the length of your shower. This is a luxurious addition to any bathroom design. It will provide you with space for a basket of shower accessories. Or, just use it as a place to sit and relax as you enjoy the steam of a hot shower. Like the wraparound bench, it provides a visually appealing design element to the space. This Sweeten homeowner updated her bathrooms with resale in mind and felt that this added feature would be a draw. Yet another good bathroom remodeling idea!

A versatile freestanding shower bench

frameless glass sliding doors to a walk in shower with steel bathroom fittings and open shelves after renovation

For Sweeten homeowners, Olivia and Greg, it was the upcoming birth of their first child that sparked a remodel. They wanted an overall update to their prewar co-op and to be more versatile. Olivia pictured a bathroom that would be a place she could retreat to. “We wanted something that looked good, but was also functional so that I could shave my legs and relax during a hot shower,” Olivia said.

A functional floating bench


The aesthetic of a floating shower bench is streamlined but functions like all other shower benches. When installed properly (it is important to hire an expert contractor for the project!) a floating shower bench can hold up to 400 lbs. Sweeten homeowner Megha added this feature to her bath without using up a lot of space. Since it is open underneath, she could store toiletries and other necessities.

Finding the right general contractor to add a shower bench

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