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My Sweeten Story: An Office Kitchen Becomes a Busy Family Hub

My Sweeten Story: An Office Kitchen Becomes a Busy Family Hub

The biggest challenge was living at home during the renovation. With two young children, it was hard to get by without a kitchen. We stayed at my mom’s apartment over a few of the weekends, but weeknights were a struggle. Luckily, the contractors were friendly with the kids!

As first-time renovators, we knew absolutely nothing about the remodeling process. We have a strict co-op board, so our biggest questions and concerns were about going through the co-op approval process, making sure the project was completely on schedule, and not going over budget.

In the end, our kitchen cost between $45,000 – $50,000, including materials, appliances, and some small upgrades. A large chunk of the budget went toward upgrading our entire electrical panel to bring it up to code.



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