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Renovating Design Trends in Miami

From kitchens and home offices to outdoor spaces, the top Miami home remodeling trends point to function, customization, and color

A balcony in Miami with a water view

(Above) Indoor/outdoor room by designer Sam Robin. Photo by Ken Hayden.

In Miami, homeowners are increasingly drawing their design inspiration from color and nature. At Sweeten, we’ve observed how these themes inform the most popular Miami home remodeling trends. It’s clear that homeowners are rethinking both aesthetics and function, indoors and out. In this guide, Sweeten shares popular home remodeling design trends in The Magic City.

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Home remodeling projects in Miami are robust. “They’re putting money into their homes,” said Miami-based Sweeten contractor Adrian. “They see it as an investment.” Adrian said that much of his remodeling work has less to do with adding square footage. It’s more about reconfiguring—taking away and adding walls, refreshing appliances, and fixtures.

Kitchen trends for functional and style

Consistently close to the top of the remodeling project list in Miami is the kitchen. “It’s the heart of the home,” said Miami-based interior designer Sam Robin. “My philosophy about it hasn’t changed much. If I entertain 100 people in my home, they’ll all end up in the kitchen.” With the kitchen serving as both a functional and fashionable space, Miami homeowners are upgrading the room to work hard and look appealing. Below, Sweeten lists the go-to updates Miami homeowners are requesting for their kitchens.


(Above) Sweeten kitchen remodel in Miami. Photo by Real Estate Captured.

Upgrading kitchen appliances

So many renovation plans include updating and re-prioritizing the styles and functions of appliances. The nationwide trend is toward cooking with wellness in mind, so steam ovens are becoming more prevalent.

Induction cooktops are catching on (“absolutely, very trendy,” said Adrian. Sam said she still prefers gas ranges.)

Flexible room design

Kitchens opening to a great room are still popular, with cabinets that look more furniture-like. But there’s definitely a move to closing off larger spaces when desired. Sliding, French, and barn-style doors do the trick.

Kitchen islands are being more defined by function, so Sam has specified double islands for some clients. Multi-level counters also are trending. The varying heights allow for different functions.

An organic look: Natural materials 

For the overall look in the kitchen, designer Sam said there’s a trend to more organic, more natural materials. It’s all about changes in textures. Graphic backsplashes include porcelain, terra cotta, or concrete tiles. These can be earthy or bold color combinations or monochromatic tone-on-tone patterns like herringbone.

“There’s a big trend toward more rustic simplicity, like wabi sabi,” she said, such as cement walls or concrete flooring and countertops. It’s a real organic living space.

Here are some other top Miami home remodeling trends in the kitchen:

  • Simple, flat-panel cabinetry. Lacquer finishes mostly have given way to matte.
  • Farm-style and trough sinks are on the rise.
  • Wide-planked floors (seven inches wide is average), such as light rift-cut oak or dark wenge.
  • Statement lighting. Shapes include large scale globes, square-shaped, or linear fixtures, especially over countertops
  • Metal hardware. Burnished brass still is trending as well as black matte. Sometimes they’re seen in the same room.

Marble bathroom with white double floating vanity

(Above) Miami bathroom by designer Sam Robin with Carrara marble and wide-planked cerused oak. Photo by Kris Tamburello.

Bath trends for utility and statement materials

Sweeten contractor Adrian has seen freestanding sculptural soaking tubs remain strong in Miami. However, many homeowners are preferring freestanding showers. Features like aromatherapy and steam showers are gaining traction. That’s especially true in luxury condos. (For more info, see Sweeten’s Guide to Remodeling a condo in Miami.)

In larger homes in Miami Beach, bigger master baths are open to the master bedrooms. Adrian has installed barnyard-style doors, 6-feet wide (and wider, when more privacy is preferred.)

The top Miami home remodeling trends in the bathroom:

  • Floating vanities with integrated stone tops and storage drawers.
  • Stone and porcelain featuring dramatic veining that can be book-matched on statement walls.
  • Touchless toilets and motion-activated faucets are desirable wellness/hygiene features.
  • Multiple sources of lighting – Sam said while it’s important to include downlights, lighting around vanities (usually sconces) is important so that shadows aren’t created.
  • Wallpaper, especially with tropical themes, palm trees, or foliage, is very popular in powder rooms.

Outdoor space as an extension of the home

Bringing indoor style and all of their comforts outdoors is a goal. No matter what the style, the connection from indoors to out cannot be denied. “We have such an inside-outside vernacular,” said interior designer Sam. “We want to merge it because of a gorgeous landscape. It’s like having a painting in every room.” Outdoor kitchens feature commercial-style grills, refrigerators, and wine coolers. Fireplaces or fire pits and water features add to the ambiance.  

A stone walkway with palm trees in Miami

(Above) Coral was repurposed for a walkway and retaining wall by designer Sam Robin. Photo by Ken Hayden.

“We’ve been doing large terraces,” said Sam. “And getting into more hardscaping, like paving materials. There’s a lot of wood, like ipe, a tropical hardwood that withstands the elements. Other materials for the outdoor space include travertine with grass in between, microcement, Keystone coral, and big boulders to create ponds. We’re creating spectacular views, framed by foliage.”

Indoor rooms opening up to terraces with a series of French doors or doors that fold back is another way to connect with the outside.

Home offices get a makeover

Sam also has gotten a lot of requests for home offices—homeowners are trading kitchen counters for more professional dedicated spaces.

“Clients want a good back wall, appropriate for video meetings,” said Sam. “Something more professional looking, with style. They also want space for the kids to focus with computers and homework. Not just a playroom for a bunch of Legos.”

Sam said that allocating space for a home office often involves a reset of function. For example, sitting rooms off of bedrooms or smaller family rooms are converted. Guest rooms also do double duty, with sleepers and desks.

“And there’s creative storage,” said Sam. “Closets can be transformed into storage file systems with nice millwork, which can be opened up (when needed) instead of having a separate room. It depends on personal preference.” 

Some even opt for more than one home office; the addition appears to be boosting resale value, even with a modest investment.

Miami home remodeling trends: Design details in the home

Impressing guests and personally savoring spaces

Homeowners are investing money in renovation details that are big and small—all of which make an impact on daily living. 

Rolling bar carts make way for built-in cabinetry which holds wet bars, undercounter refrigeration, freezer, and wine coolers. “My clients all want wine rooms,” said Sam.

Home office with white and beige striped wallpaper

(Above) Sam Robin designed a home office in a bedroom for a pair of teens; painted stripes on the wall. Photo by Kris Tamburello.

Other rising design trends in Miami home remodeling:

  • Wide plank flooring, with an average of seven inches wide, in lighter woods like ash and oak. “It’s a European country vibe,” said Adrian.
  • Architectural light fixtures in simple modern shapes, linear forms, and organic shapes that feature leaves and tendrils are catching on
  • LEDS are replacing halogens. There’s more accent lighting, like under-cabinet and lighting coves.
  • Graphic tiles (including for the floor), as well as concrete patterned tiles, are quite popular. Black and white geometrics and heritage Cuban designs are inspirations.
  • Color palettes include earthy tones (creams and tans), blue and white (cobalt to watery blue-green), and vivid bold colors          

Important structural elements for Miami homes

Another important consideration when remodeling in Miami is the threat of hurricanes. Building codes are strict because of that. Concrete pillars, rebar and steel-reinforced walls, roof trusses and bracing roofs, and hurricane-resistant windows all are part of the conversation. (Sweeten’s guide to Preparing Homes for Hurricanes.)

There are no water restrictions, however, as there are in California. But because of Miami’s wet climate, materials need to be mold and mildew-proof.

Finding the right general contractor for a Miami home remodel

Miamians are personalizing more while remodeling their homes. In their budgets and work scopes, homeowners ensure there’s more room for a little drama. Bringing these types of specific design plans to life successfully requires an expert general contractor, and architect or design team. Are you looking for general contractor experts near you? Sweeten matches Miami homeowners with vetted general contractors, offering guidance and financial protection—at no cost to the homeowner. Start by posting your project on Sweeten today

Sweeten handpicks the best general contractors to match each project’s location, budget, scope, and style. Follow the blog, Sweeten Stories, for renovation ideas and inspiration and when you’re ready to renovate, start your renovation with Sweeten.



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