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Room addition ideas for your Bay Area home


If you’re looking to add an extra space to your home, we have a few room addition ideas for your Bay Area home that can help. You can extend your kitchen and enlarge the area by a few more square footage to achieve an open concept, you can add a bathroom to your existing layout, or you can even add another story to your house. No matter what you’re adding to your house, we have experience with both remodeling and room addition construction projects.


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kitchen room addition is the heart of the home. It’s where people come together and make memories with family and friends. Your kitchen should be functional, beautiful, and comfortable.

  1. Add an extra sink or prep area to make cooking easier for one person in the family or for guests who want to help with dinner preparations on busy weeknights.
  2. You can also add additional storage space by installing cabinetry above your existing cabinets or in unused corners of your room (for example, an over-the-counter microwave).


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The bedroom is the room in your house that is most likely noted to be “your castle,” so why not make it feel that way? One of the favorite additions to any room is a bay window with bench seating where you can be cozy by reading a book.

Another option for the bedroom is to create additional space for a walk-in closet. Since an average person spends ample time preparing in the morning, the walk-in closet is an efficient way for putting everything you need in one area. Organizing will no longer be a chore as everything will have its proper place. There will be less time spending in cleaning, which makes it a win-win!


Bathroom additions are one of the most popular room additions to your home. Adding a bathroom adds value to your home and allows you to convert an unused area into a fully functional bath with more space for storage, organization and comfort. A bathroom addition can also increase the size of your existing bathroom by adding a powder room or enlarging an existing shower or tub area.

A powder room is typically an extra half bath for guests in the master suite or on another level of the house such as upstairs in the guest bedroom wing or down in the basement near laundry facilities.

Home Office

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Adding a personal home office can be a great place to get work done in the comfort of your own home. It’s a place where you can focus on getting things done without being distracted by the kids or other household activities. Your home office should be designed to fit your needs, so it’s important that you plan out what will work best for you before buying furniture or decorating.

Master bedroom suite


Some homeowners are not satisfied with the room size when they purchased the home since move-in day. That is why adding a master suite is one of the most favored ideas to create more space in the bedroom. Most of the master suite comes with an en suite bathroom which is necessary to have. This combo can complete a master suite in providing comfort and functionality.

Mudroom or Laundry Room


mudroom and laundry room addition is a great way to increase the functionality of your home, while creating an impressive architectural feature. The mudroom helps keep things organized and tidy. It serves as a secondary entrance where you can hang your coats and store your boots, especially during the rainy or winter months. An accessible laundry area can be placed custom-fit to your home dynamics. The laundry area can be added on the second floor between the rooms or could be an extended part of a guest bathroom for an easy dump-and-wash.  It can also be added to the garage area where you can install cabinetry for laundry needs including a built-in ironing board that can double as an folding area.

You can add a beautiful, functional space to your home with Home Remodelers Orinda CA.

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Our company can help add beautiful, functional spaces to your home with our room addition ideas that are designed around your specific needs.

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We can transform your existing space into something truly spectacular without sacrificing quality —and we’ll deliver all this while keeping the integrity of your home intact!

Additions can be useful in many different ways. Whether you’re looking to expand your current home or build a new one from scratch, our team has the experience and skillset necessary to create an addition that will meet if not go beyond your expectations. Call us now for your room addition needs!


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